"At the moment of the bull's death, two-hundred-and-eighty-two animal species were born from its organs and bone marrow."

Shadow Atlas

53 pages, tabloid size, silkscreened and hand-bound by StranEdizioni

Many attempts have been made to chronicle the entirety of our planet’s inhabitants. In an endeavor to explore some of the lesser-known and often overlooked specimens, the author has conducted extensive field research in various parts of the world. Though reliable sightings of many of the inhabitants herein described are rare, the author asserts with reasonable authority that the specimens catalogued herein do, in fact, exist, and hopes that this illustrated encyclopedia will provide valuable guidance as well as an accessible introduction to the novice spiritologist. The author is in no way, however, to be held accountable for unforeseen circumstances resulting from expeditions undertaken based on the information contained in these pages.


Gold Medal, Society of Illustrators

Silver Cube, Art Directors Club

Honorable Mention, Art Books Wanted / Edition Lidu


Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University

Library of Congress, United States Congress Capitol Hill


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